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Why Millennials Are Sick of Church'

Jarrid Wilson

Christian Author


    There are literally thousands of articles online about why the millennial generation is disillusioned with church, church culture and church politics. And while I applaud the attempt to wrap one’s head around the issue, I’ve noticed that most of the articles seem to be written by people who know nothing about the millennial generation. Weird.
    I’ve talked with thousands of young-people over the years who have told me, “I’m just sick of church.” I’ve heard everything under the sun when it comes to one’s reasonings for leaving.. (article)

Dealing With Evil Empires

Terence P. Jeffrey

   Why did the Marxist atheists who controlled the Soviet Union tear down the Berlin Wall? Did the Western leaders who forced Soviet communism to collapse shrink from proclaiming the truth of the Bible or the fact that free societies...

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